The Palmer Family

About the Palmers

In 2015, Chris & Melda were led by the Lord to sell their belongings in the US and move to the Philippines. They moved in 2016 with the original plan to run a small business while adopting their now eleven year old daughter, but in 2018 God allowed them to transition into full time ministry.

Chris Palmer is the visionary founder of Greater Things Ministries and overseer of GTM Philippines. Chris serves as the general administrator, provides counseling and mentoring when needed, is responsible for the leadership development of the GTM staff, and assists with the growth of various GTM projects. Chris also serves weekly in his local partner Church, JIL Navotas as the audio-man, and occasionally speaks during the church’s midweek service.

Chris’s is currently in the process of becoming a licensed pastor with the Foursquare Church and is committed to diligently seeking wisdom, guidance, and direction, through the Holy Spirit.  His vision for GTM Philippines is to partner with The Foursquare Church and Jesus is Lord Church to help raise up the next generation, train leaders, and plant churches.  He also has a longer term goal of restoring unity among the churches of Navotas so that together they can seek total transformation of the city, both spiritual and economic. 

Melda Palmer was born and raised only one kilometre from where she and Chris currently reside in the Philippines. Melda’s outgoing personality and passion for helping others has helped to build deep connections in the local community. Melda leads the Happy Kids Children’s Church, a weekly young moms Bible Study group, and serves on the worship team at our local partner church. Additionally, she assists Jechelin in counseling and mentoring the members of the Young Woman’s ministry.

Chris and Melda are members of Celebration Foursquare Church, in Renton, Washington, which is their home church in the United States

About Navotas City and the Philippines

Chris and Melda Palmer are currently residing in Navotas City, which is part of the economically disadvantaged Northwestern corner of the National Capital Region of the Philippines.  Navotas is about an hour to an hour and a half (minimum commute time) to the nearest commercial centers, so most people there find it too far to commute, and the city is left with primarily with low income residents.  Despite this, people there are generally happier than you would expect, as they still find ways to enjoy life without a lot of money. The city is known for its fish port, the largest in the nation, and a significant portion of the local economy is based off seafood products.  Locally made products include fish sauce, shrimp paste, and canned sardines. People in Navotas eat a lot fish at home, but favorites when eating out are actually fried chicken and spaghetti. Filipino people are very social and love to get together and hang out, even if they don’t have anything to do.  If they can’t be together, they will spend hours on Facebook, keeping in touch with all their friends throughout the day. For fun, people love to sing karaoke, dance is becoming very popular among the younger generations, and basketball is so ubiquitous, that there really isn’t any other sport people care about.

GTM Mission Statement:

To transform the community of Sipac-Almacen, Navotas City, in Metro Manila, Philippines by shining the light of Jesus and sharing the Gospel with the children of our neighborhood, who, through their new found faith, and contagious enthusiasm, will become evangelists in their own home, spreading salvation to their families and bring them into the church, where we can help them grow into mature members of the body of Christ.

GTM Vision Statement:

To see our community completely transformed spiritually and economically, filled with the Holy Spirit, united as one voice, worshiping God, and inspired to spread this transformation to our neighboring communities and beyond.