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Planting Celebration Foursquare Church – Navotas, Philippines

On Good Friday of 2022 we stepped out in faith by holding an evangelistic focused service.  Then on Easter Sunday we began holding an evening service.  Only a few weeks later on June 26, we officially launched as Celebration Foursquare Church.  This has truly been an amazing journey because the Lord has provided for us every step of the way.  We can not wait to see what He has in store for us next!

Easter 2020:

With thankful hearts for the open door, Greater Things Ministry was able to bless 26 families, including 66 children, with the hope of Easter. A group of dedicated volunteers assembled 26 cartons of resurrection eggs, which uses an object and scripture in each egg to tell the most powerful story in all history: the death and resurrection of Jesus. Each Easter bag contained not only the resurrection eggs, but plenty of goodies and toys for the children. In addition, GTM partnered with our local church, Life on Main, to bless three families with an Easter dinner.

Destiny Release 2019

On May 18, 2019, sixty-eight individuals from Jesus is Lord church, Navotas City, experienced a release to their destiny. The all-day prayer event covered the topics of shame, rejection, abuse, sexual purity, and pride. Michelle Herrero taught unashamed, and Laurie Palmer spoke on rejection of God, rejection of self, fear of rejection, and rejection of others. Laurie Palmer and Melda Palmer taught about freedom from abuse, which included Melda’s powerful testimony.  Chris Palmer led the release from ties that bind and Jason Simbulan covered the topic of pride. After each session, we prayed for release of each of these strongholds. As part of the teaching on rejection, Laurie Palmer shared her own struggles with suicide, not realizing the impact it would have on many of the attendees, especially the youth. At the end of the day, approximately 30 people came forward for additional prayer and deliverance from suicidal thoughts. The pastor had no idea so many of his members struggled with self-rejection. Please pray that all those who received prayer will stand firm in their choice for life.

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