Our Current Events

Church Planting in Agora – Navotas

In February 2023, we rented a location near the Agora market in the southern part of Navotas.  For those who don’t live there, Navotas is a long and narrow city of about 247,000 people going from North to South.  Our main church, Celebration Foursquare is in the center of town, near the city hall.  Traveling can be difficult at times for low-income residents so we are doing our best to make our church accessible to as many people as possible.

We now have 2 children’s groups because the space is not big enough to hold them all at the same time, a growing women’s group with 10+ active members, and a small but active youth group.  We have baptized 5 people with 6 more in the queue for the next round.  Our team of workers is also growing, which is super exciting to see!

We plan on launching a full Sunday service next year, but we still have a few major hurdles.  Please pray with us for a more permanent location that can fit more people.  Our current location maxes out at 40 and has some major water leak issues so we will have to move before launching a service.