Current Events

Finishing Our Navotas, Philippines Youth Center

Our new facilities are now complete.  We now have a fully functioning sanctuary where the youth of Navotas City can not only hear the Gospel and grow in discipleship, but also find their gifts & talents and train in them.  Once our youth are fully trained, not only can they continue at the youth center to train others, but they can also be sent out to build up the current churches of Navotas and plant new churches.  We plan on having a full worship team, a dance team, ushers, greeters, audio mixers, and everything else that a church might have.  Everyone will participate in some way as we help to build up the next generation of church leaders.

You might be wondering why we are doing all this and not the churches.  This is because many of the local churches lack both funding and volunteers to make this happen.  For example, most youth groups lack any kind of budget whatsoever.  We have also seen, on many occasions, instruments go unplayed for months, because a church did not have anyone to play them.  We envision a time, in the not to distant future, where a new generation of leaders are active in the community, strengthening and growing the churches of Navotas City to the necessary levels so that they can fully sustain and duplicate themselves.  In the mean time, we plan to do everything we can to help them get there.